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My artistic statement

Travel, like art, is a uniquely liberating experience for me—one of continual exploration and constant discovery. The sensory information I take in during my travels informs and expands the way I perceive everything around me, which in turn gives me the freedom to form new and personal visual expressions in my art.

Crossing international borders has been the inspiration to transform visual boundaries we all normally see. I've left the more obvious visual and experiential conventions of daily life behind for a journey that constantly redefines the sights, culture, art and artifacts I encounter—all on my own terms.

Color and variety are the fabric of life in India. So it's natural that these influences would dominate my work. You see them reflected in my vivid and highly saturated imagery; in the addition of incongruous elements to convey mystery; and in the staccato blitz of visual stimuli to enrich and heighten sensory impressions.

Each Earthscape represents a different part of my personal journey that I want to communicate to you. Some may transport you to a particular destination or tell a story about a place. Others represent feelings I experienced along the way. Whatever the inspiration or moment I'm capturing, the end result is intended to be the same: a new artistic expression that archives, transforms and celebrates my physical journey in a provocative and unexpected way.