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About me

Hello, and thank you for joining me on this adventure.

My name is Sunita Jariwala-Gajjar. I'm a native of Surat, India. I came to the United States in 1988 after earning my degree in Applied Art and Textile Design, from The Sophia Shree Basant Kumar Somani Polytechnic, Mumbai. I'm an award-winning advertising art director and designer on accounts including Microsoft, Citibank, UBS, among others.

My great lifelong passions—art and travel—have given birth to my signature project, which I've titled Earthscapes. It's a shared exploration between artist and audience of memories familiar and unfamiliar, known and unknown, seen and unseen.

I've combined photography and traditional painting in a digital merge process to articulate a unique multi-cultural visual language of my own that I invite you to share in. My process is completely self-taught; the visual language is inspired by the countless graphic and cultural influences I have encountered in my travels both near and far, as well as my personal and professional life.

But Earthscapes is more than art. The series is also a collective way for you and I to help others. I've pledged to donate a full 5% of proceeds from your purchases to the AFYA Foundation, whose mission is to promote good health through giving. For more information on their efforts, please visit www.afyafoundation.org. I think you'll agree that they do outstanding work for the world.